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Try to find the stuff you need at Farnell, RS or ELFA, they in general deliver fast and accurate. SparkFun has some components the other three might not have at a lover price, but they are more cumbersome to order from.

NOTE: When ordering from Farnell make sure you order components stored in Europe. If you get the message 'US stock' or 'AB lager USA' Then the component will take more than two weeks to get here. Also if the component has an RL (means Reel) at the end of the PartNumber, it might be cheap, but the minimum amount that is needed to order is a very high number, so this is usually not an option.

Other places that could be OK to order from are: Digi-Key and Mouser electronics.

Create a list of the components you wish to acquire

Use the following format in a txt file or similar (many of the stores offer a way of storing a csv file or similar when you have filled the basket. Such a file will be acceptable):

LineNumber PartNumber NumberToOrder CostPrUnit(normally in NOK) TotalCost NameOfComponent OtherStuff...
1 1738989 25 1 25 ISHAY DRALORIC CRCW120615R0FKEAHP RESISTOR, 1206, 1%, 15R0

Send this file to olavky@ifi.uio.no
If you are not a member of the NANO group you also need to include information about how this is to be payed. 'Tiltak' and possible project number.

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