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When you order PCBs certain things has to be observed.

Note that:
min. track/gap size is >= 0.150mm (6mil) 
min. drill-end diameter is >= 0.3mm (12mil)

When this is observed send a mail to the NANO engineer (olavky@ifi.uio.no) where you specify:

Number of metal layers
Number of PCBs you want made
Dimensions, length and width in mm
Any silk screen and on which layers
What program you used to design the PCB
The file format of the design
And finally attach the file.

If you are not a member of the NANO group you also need to include in the e-mail where you are paying the stuff from. This is typically a 'Tiltak' number and perhaps a project number.
If you are a member of the NANO group the design need to be error free.
When all this is included your PCB will be back in about one and a half week.

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