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This is a resource page for the research group Nano electronics at Department of Informatics at The University of Oslo. Here information regarding software and equipment relevant to the group will be presented. If you wish to contribute, please send a mail to from your uio mail account, and you will be added as a user.


Group seminar and other group events

The list of presenters for the weekly group seminar can be found here.
The NANO Friday 14.00 cake list.

Past and Future Chip Production

Past and Future Chip Production


Advanced Design Systems



Cadence IC - Design of Integrated Circuits

Cadence SPB - Design av kretskort

Cadence Encounter RTL Compiler

Cadence Encounter ELC Tools

CircuitCam - making PCBs with the LPKF laser machine




FPGAtools - FPGA design


LPKF CircuitCam - Klargjøring av kretskort for fresing


Xterm setup

Other general software that could be useful

Computers and remote access

Login clusters

Remote access


NANO Master-LAB - 5104

PhD-LAB - 5112

Anaechoic chamber - 5303

PCB-LAB - 5319

Faraday cage - 5322

Teaching-LAB - 5419

Ordering stuff

Ordering PCBs
Ordering from Farnell/ELFA/RS/SparkFun

Laboratory equipment


Laser attached to to the Probe station

Oscilloscopes in the course-lab


PCB ProMask Solder mask (green stuff)

Layout cells

STM 90nm cells

TSMC 90nm cells and chips

TSMC 65nm cells

Chip design knowledge base

Chip Checklist - What to remember to do when designing a chip

Job tips

Job tips - Available jobs and other relevant tips

Other general resources

UiO logo - The official UiO logo can be found here together with the other faculty and department logos.

Printers at IfI - The official various printers, their names and where they are can be found here.

Latex tips - for papers

Presentation Templates for UiO

Getting started

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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