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Take note: Do not fiddle with settings in this program or in the program for the laser itself. Only follow these instructions to prepeare your design for structuring. If the wrong settings are changed figuring out how to get the software back in working condition could take a long time. If something does not work out contact Olav or Kristian.


Start up procedure

The software is located on one computer next to the milling machine. This is a temporary thin as we are waiting for a new version of the software.

Using the software


Start by importing your design. To make things easy for yourself have the files in gerber format.

File - Import

The important thing here is to check that what you see is what you want. The best indication of that is the visual and the format/size field in the import screen. If the format/size seems to be of you need to fix this by manipulating the leading and/or trailing zeros. This is generaly a chalangs related to the drillholes.

Only the layers with a green button is importet. Adjust the Layer/Template field to an appropriat setting for each layer you wish to import.

Manipulating your data

What you are going to do now is to generate the work instructions for the laser. That is that every tiny movement the milling machine is going to has to be generated.


We start by generating the rubout areas for the top and bottom plate.


This is not a standard software with standard settings, any fiddeling will have consecvenses that might not be easily reversable.

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