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The newest and most complete tutorials:

These tutorials utilizes the TSMC90nm KIT. Other KITs/technologies should be similar in use so that no matter what technology you are using, these tutorials should be a good starting point.

Older tutorials, could be good as references:

The TSMCSs 90nm GP RF LP technology below is the main one in use, and the one we use to deliver the normal chips (miniASIC)

These are the kits that are best maintained and should be used in courses and for master students:

This is the latest 90nm Low Power RF PDK from TSMC using the newest version of Cadence, 6.1.6.

This is the latest 0.35um PDK from AMS using the newest version of Cadence, 6.1.6.

You might also want to get hold of your old libraries:

The technologies below are other available technologies and should NOT be used unless a member of staff has told you to use it:

Other stuff

ATTENTION: Got a problem with cadence (only for TSMC90nm)? Try to change or do the following:

-Change the INCLUDELINE in your cds.lib file to this: INCLUDE /ifi/asgard/project0/des_kits/tsmc90lp/cds.lib
-In the file .cdsinit on line 115 change the path there to this : /ifi/asgard/project0/des_kits/tsmc90lp/skillscripts
-Remove the models link (rm models) in you directory an make a new link to the new path: ln -s /ifi/asgard/project0/des_kits/tsmc90lp/models .
-In case you have had your home area moved run the command: ln -s ~/.Xauthority in your cadence directory.
  • Introduksjon og gjennomgang av Cadence Analog Design Environment med blant annet fremgangsmåte for Monte Carlo simuleringer
    • /hom/mes/cadsoft/des_kits/stm6.1/ArtistKit_4.7/doc/manual/ArtistKit_manual.pdf


  • 02/2007 STM 90nm: Nytt design kit v6.1 installert. NFS-problemer fikset. PLS fungerer, men bare med en liten fix. Den finner du her
  • 01/2007 STM 90nm: Ny Mentor Calibre-versjon for Cadence på Linux. Oppdater filen .cshrc_cmos090 med:
setenv MGC_HOME /hom/mes/cadsoft/mentor/calibre
  • 01/2007 STM 90nm: Ny Synopsys Star-RCXT-versjon for Cadence på Linux. Oppdater filen .cshrc_cmos090 med:
setenv RCXT_HOME /hom/mes/cadsoft/synopsys/star-rcxt/linux_star-rcxt
  • 10/2006 vlsi er nå Linux cad-server for MES gruppen. For å bruke Solaris cad-server, logg inn på nipingr.

Other resources

Other general resources you might like to utilize like remote login is described here:

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