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Startup on Linux

The current Red Hat linux version (RHEL5) which is installed on IFI's desktops does not support Cadence. Therefore, log on to our linux cad server vlsi (RHEL4) to run Cadence.

TSMC 90nm General Purpose RF

To run Cadence on Linux with TSMCs 90nm process, copy the following file initscript_tcmc90nmgp to a new catalog and run it. The new catalog will be the location of all your cadence files, including you libraries. The following commands does the trick:

mkdir tsmc90nmgp
cd tsmc90nmgp
cp /hom/mes/src/cadence/tsmc90nm_gp_rf/initscript_tcmc90nmgp .

Then you can run Cadence from the catalog you created with the startup script:

$ ./run

For access to the documentation contact the engineer.

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