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Startup on Linux

The current Red Hat linux version (RHEL5) which is installed on IFI's desktops does not support Cadence. Therefore, log on to our linux cad server vlsi (RHEL4) to run Cadence.

Design kit 6.1

To run Cadence on Linux with STMs 90nm process, make a new catalogue, for instance like this:

mkdir STM90nm 

Enter this catalogue with the command:

cd STM90nm

Copy the following files to your local Cadence 90nm catalogue using the following commands:

cp /ifi/asgard/p00/mes/src/cadence/lnxstm90nm_6.1/.cdsinit .
cp /ifi/asgard/p00/mes/src/cadence/lnxstm90nm_6.1/.cshrc_cmos090 .
cp /ifi/asgard/p00//mes/src/cadence/lnxstm90nm_6.1/.simrc .
cp /ifi/asgard/p00/mes/src/cadence/lnxstm90nm_6.1/.ucdprod .
cp /ifi/asgard/p00/mes/src/cadence/lnxstm90nm_6.1/stm90nm.csh .

If the file cds.lib does not already exist in you Cadence 90nm catalog, you also have to copy the following file using the following command:

cp /ifi/asgard/p00/mes/src/cadence/lnxstm90nm_6.1/cds.lib .

Then you can run Cadence from you locale 90nm catalog with the startup script:

$ stm90nm.csh
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