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Startup on Linux

To run Cadence remote, use the login cluster, and make sure you have the file .bash_profile with the following line in it:

. $HOME/.bashrc

Design kit 4.10

To run Cadence with the AMS 0.35um 4.10 kit add the following to your .bashrc file located in the root of your home directory.

You might already have this first part that concerns licensing:


Then you need to make a new folder for this project.

Copy this file to the new folder with the command:

cp /projects/nanos/script/AMS410/AMS410init .

Source this file with the command:

source AMS410init

Then for the first start only use the following command:

In your project folder run the following command:

ams_cds -tech c35b4 -add ALL -64 

(Depending on what kind of Cadence setups you have set up before you might have to run this command twice the first time.)

When asked about the exact technology you are going to use:


Then shut down Cadence and in the file .cdsinit_local add the following in the section for customisations:

MGC_HOME = getShellEnvVar("MGC_HOME")
printf("Calibre Mentor installation path %s \n" MGC_HOME)
load(strcat(MGC_HOME "/shared/pkgs/icv/tools/queryskl/calibre.skl"))

Then you can start normal as described below.

Normal start up

First source the file AMS410init:

source AMS410init

The normal start up command, invoked from your project folder is:

ams_cds -64

Adding old libraries

If your old libraries are in the CDS (Cadence 5.*) you should follow the instructions here:

If you are just switching from an Open Access libraries (Cadence 6.*) you can use the -add option during start up described here:

[ -add <pattern> ]    - adds ams libraries to cds.lib
                                    pattern can be 3B,V5,HV,120V,V5,DCV or ALL
                                    pattern can also be the full path to an existing library
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