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For now this is not a recommended way to connect remotely to IfI as the server-side software has issues making it hard to maintain a stable service

Download the client from:

The client is very minimalistic, documentation can be found here:

Some steps that hopefully will get you going:

1. Press the +-button
2. Choose 'Web'
3a. Name: Anything
3b. url:
3c. User: Your username
3d. Do not hook of any other options
4. Klick 'Save'
5. You should now get an option in the main menu with the things you wrote in step 3.
6. Enter your password

Hopefully you now get a new, equally minimalistic menu. Here you:

1. Klick the +-button
2. Wait about 2 seconds and options will pop up.
3. Double click on the 'Recommended'- Penguin. (You may try GNOM if you really love it, but on your own risk.)

An additional tip:

Adjust 'Mouse update minimum' down to get a more responsive system.
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