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Method for TSMC 90nm Design kit

Guide here:

Method for STMs 90nm og 65nm Design kit

  • Open the layout view of the cell (in this guide the cell is named inverter and it is located in the library alog)
  • Choose Tools->Post-Layout Simulation->Textual Netlist Import
  • Press Run
  • In the icfb window, check that the process finished without errors

Post Layout Simulation (PLS) fix (for STM 90nm design kit v6.1 and STM 65nm design kit 4.2.1)

Run PLS as usual. Everything will apparently be OK. But if you open the netlist for spectre, the file will be empty. (In the PLS-menu: Outputs->Spectre Extracted Netlist). Perform therefore the following steps to generate this netlist

 $ cp /hom/mes/src/cadence/lnxstm90nm_6.1/spice2spectre.csh .

NOTE: This script works for both the 65nm og 90nm design kits.

$ spice2spectre.csh plsimulation/alog-inverter-schematic/alog-inverter-layout/phase1/pls1/extractRunDir/RCextract/inverter.spi alog/inverter/pls_spectre_rcmax_rcc/text.txt

Simulation with parasitic effects

  • Open Library Manager
  • Create a new schematic with the name inverter_sim. Import the cell which you want to simulate, i.e. the symbol of inverter. Place sources and stimuli as with regular simulations.
  • Create a new cellview of type config. This is done by choosing Hierarchy-Editor from the menu.


  • A new window opens, choose Use template


  • Choose spectre and press OK twice


  • A new window opens, right click in inverter and choose PLS_RCMAX_RCc


  • Store the settings and close the window. You are now ready to simulate. This is done by opening the config view of inverter_sim.


  • The schematic of 'inverter_sim will open, and you can simulate as usual.
  • If you get the following error: Netlist error: Import Netlist is disabled but required for ..., choose Tools->Import Netlist->Enable in Analog Environment
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