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The ProMask Soldermask is Complete kit for applying solder mask to bare copper PCBs. By using transparent photographic mask and UV exposure you get a pattern in the applied solder mask. The following youtube video might be instructive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4l1mXpL5lDQ

Read the user manual and use the quick guide inside the ProMask box while you work!


Laser printer calibration and photographic mask procedure

  • Start CircuitCam
  • To Ensure 1:1 ratio between the photographic mask and PCB layout the printer/pdf-viewer setup must be calibrated. Follow procedure in the ProMask user manual to perform calibration is the ratio is off. The system is calibrated for laser printer verdana and printing with Linux Redhat(MER).
  • Select the proper layer representing the photographic mask and print to PDFCreator.
  • Print the PDF on a transparent plastic sheet.
  • Check that the layout ratio is 1:1

Applying solder stop and baking

  • The solder mask varnish is made by mixing component A and B thoroughly
  • Clean PCB with LPKF cleaner and brush, wipe dry
  • Apply varnish with roller
  • Bake in ProtoFlow S oven at profile: ProMask-PD (80 C 10 min)

UV exposure and development

  • Align the photomask carefully over the PCB under the glass sheet in the UV light
  • Expose for 35 sec.
  • Mix thoroughly 1 l water with the development powder (USE GLOVES AND SAFETY GLASSES)
  • Put PCB in development solution and brush until pattern looks good

Baking 2

  • Bake for 30 min at 160 C Profile ProMask-PC


  • Clean everything in the development solution
  • Add conditioner to the development solution mix and dilate with running water in the sink
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