Getting Hold of Your Previous Libraries

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Converting libraries from version Cadence version 5.* to version 6.* (CDB to OpenAccess)

To convert libraries we use a built in tool in Cadence called CDB to OpenAccess Translator.

You find the tool under the Tools->Conversion Tool Box Then this Window pops up:


Choose the button CDB to Open Access Translator... close to the bottom of the list.

Then you get a new window:


In this Window you hit the Browse button and browse your way to your cds.lib-file in your old installment of Cadence. Take note that the browser window is single click operated. When you hit OK all your old libraries will pop up in the libraries to be convert. In most of our cases that is not a good idea. We would then convert the standard libraries as well. So move all the libraries over to the Libraries not to convert, and then pick the few that you need. Press OK and you should have your old libraries available in you new Cadence.

Here is a instruction video on how to do it:
High res
Not so high res

Adding libraries from other locations to your current libraries (Only for Open Access libraries)

There is a problem with the built in library-path editor, so for now we will have to edit the cds.lib file ourselves. The file is found at the root of your cadence setup.

Your path will be something like:


Edit the file with your favorite text editing software for instance gedit:

gedit cds.lib

Your will then get a file with lines like this:

DEFINE cdsDefTechLib $CDSHOME/tools/dfII/etc/cdsDefTechLib
DEFINE basic $CDSHOME/tools/dfII/etc/cdslib/basic
DEFINE analogLib $CDSHOME/tools/dfII/etc/cdslib/artist/analogLib
DEFINE tsmcN90rf ./tsmcN90rf

Just add more lines with DEFINE, library name and then the path. When it is your own libraries you want to add the line will be something like this:

DEFINE mytestlib /hom/my username/cadence.../mytestlib
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