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Using our servers

Coventor is currently situated on the windows server "".

The coventor server can only be accessed from the UiO network. That is, if you are away from campus, you will have to first use a remote desktop connection to an UiO server, such as or, and then connect remotely to Mikrocad1 from that server.

Note on the use of non-windows remote desktop clients:
Per 1. september 2010: Freerdp seems the best option to connect to our servers.  

Per 16.february 2010: rdesktop has a bug that inhibits connection 
to windows 2008 servers, such as mikrocad1. The error message given says 
there is a licensing error. 

The workaround is as follows:
From linux machines at campus, use the command: >windows mikrocad1
(do not add, this will be done automaticly by the script. 

If you are using a non uio- linux/mac and get the license error, try to 
locate the hidden .rdesktop directory and remove all content in it or simply remove the folder.

Please also remember to use uio\<username> when attemting to log in remotely. 
Omitting the use of "uio\" will make an attempt and fail to log in using a local account  

Access to Coventor

In order to use Coventor, you need access to the coventor project-disk, "nanocov" located at \\\project-nanocov\ This is needed because coventor creates larger files than the allowed limit on a regular account at ifi. Access to nanocov is a privelegium that is normally granted to all students taking the course INF5490, and phd & master students at ifi doing MEMS. If you need access to Coventor, please contact one of the engineers at the nano group, Olav Kyrvestad or Yngve Hafting.

Start Coventor

  • Connect to the server using remote desktop connection in windows (or rdesktop from linux). start->all Programs->accessories->Remote desktop connection
The servers hosting Coventor has scripts that will automaticly set up  
 Q:\ as \\\project0\nanocov\users\<username>\  
 R:\ as \\\project0\nanocov\shared\
 TEMP and TMP folders to c:\temp\<username>
(There is no need for user intervention concerning this.) 
  • Start coventor using start->Programs->Coventor->CoventorWare 2008->CoventorWare 2008
  • Set up Coventor The first time you use Coventor the User setting dialogue will pop up automaticly, later this can be altered using Tools->User Settings... from the main dialogue.
    • Adjust the settings as shown below:


  • Make sure that all settings are correct, it is particularly easy to forget to set the Saber Installation radio button to "External"
  • You may change the shared directories, such as r:\inf5490\... instead of q:\work\shared, ask your supervisor if you are supposed to do so.
  • Say Yes if it is your first time and there is a pop-up window asking if you want to create your work directory.
  • Create a new project or open an existing one according to your desire.

Using Coventor

Coventor Architect (Norwegian)

Coventor on Linux (under test)

Coventor can now be run from linux, however it has not yet been thoroughly testet, so please back up your files before trying and proceed with caution:

Before starting the first time

Go to your home directory and make a directory for the coventor startup script

> cd ~
> mkdir coventor
> cd coventor

Copy all the needed startup files

> /hom/mes/src/coventor/init_coventor

(init Coventor copies .bash_coventor and run into the folder you are in). if you need to add environment variables or path, simply modify your .bash_coventor

Starting coventor on linux

When the initialization is done you can start coventor using "run"

> cd ~/coventor
> run

The first time, you will have to specify the user settings. Make sure they point to the correct work directory.

Below is the typical setup. Replace <user name> with your own user name

Work Directory:    /ifi/bifrost/project0/nanocov/users/<username>/work
Scratch Directory: /ifi/bifrost/project0/nanocov/users/<username>/work/Temp
Shared Directory:  /ifi/bifrost/project0/nanocov/users/<username>/work/Shared
Coventor License:
CFD Solver License: 
Saber License:
Saber Installation: External

Users that has their own office/desktop machine at ifi, may change the directories to the disks on their local machine. If you want to do that, you will have to make sure that the disk is mounted, by modifying your own .bash_coventor file.

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